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Get a great start everyday

Did you know ?.....

That at Kellogg's they believe a balanced breakfast is an essential part of your diet, so they selected quality grains and fortify them to provide essential nutrition for a better world.

Kellogg's company have been serving the country for many years now, and their goal is to make everyone to get a great start everyday. That is why they use ingredients like iron and zink to help maintain your body 's digestive wellness and get you energized for the entire day

Minerals used in Kellogg's all brain flakes are minerals that are measured and they contains vitamin A / vitamin B1(thiamine)/ vitamin B2(riboflavine)/ niacin(nicotinic acid)/ vitamin B6(pyridoxine)/ folic acid/ vitamin B12(cyanocobalamin) / pantothenic acid/ vitamin D. They make your entire day to go smoothly.

Source of data: real, typical values as determined by a reputable laboratory through chemical or microbiological analysis.nutrition information supplied as ready to eat.

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