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SA Woman notIces something strange after buying Kellogg's, Here's how to avoid this. Opinion.

When you walk into a store to purchase food, you expect it to be safe to eat. After all you are paying for the food and the owner of the store needs to make sure that his customers are safe. However that's not always the case. Recently one South African Woman purchased Kellogg's and upon going home noticed something strange about it. Here are all the details and how to not end up in this situation.

The Situation :

In a post uploaded to social media site Facebook via "The Real Hello Peter South Africa" page, A woman tells us her experience after shopping at the Mother of Plain food Emporium in Mitchell's Plain.

According to the Woman, she went to the store on the 21st of May and was excited to see a product on special. With the high food prices that have been affecting South Africans recently, she took advantage of the special and immediately purchased it. That being one KG of Kellogg's cornflakes for R34.99.

When the Woman got home and opened the box she found something strange. It had apparently expired on the 20th of April 2022. Which was almost a month ago. This is sad, here's why.

The Problem with this :

You never expect an establishment that sells food to put it's customers in danger by selling expired products. Unfortunately they did and it seems they may have known that the product was expired as they sold it on special for a much cheaper price.

I believe that this woman should go in for a refund of her money and than after report the store to her local health authorities, As it's unknown how many people have purchased the expired Kellogg's from them.

Tips to avoid this :

While you may want to trust the store you are shopping at, I urge all South Africans to thoroughly check the products they want before purchasing them. You should check for wear and tear on the box and the expiry date to make sure it's safe.

If you see a store holding a special, where products are sold cheaper than they usually are. Make sure to examine all the terms and conditions as there may be a chance that there is a catch to it.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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