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What Happened To Boity's Cider: BT Signature That Was R600 For A 24Pack?

Television personality and businessperson Boitumelo Thulo, aka Boity, has added another feather to her cap by launching BT Signature, a range of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling fruit beverages created for all individuals “also making her mark on the world of beverages."

She launched her brand early this year and it is not making waves, it isn't causing the stir she probably was hoping for. What could be the cause that the country doesn't care about her cider the BT Signature Is she not advertising it enough? After 14 month of its existence on Twitter it has less than 2000 followers.

Is it because of it price because without a doubt it has one hell of a price on it. A pack of 4 and not 6 pack but four will cost R120 and mind you these are 275m bottles. Her prices are absurd and mind you this is a cider and it is competing with Brutal Fruit.

The very same Brutal Fruit cost R75 to R80 per 6 pack, it just depends were you are getting yours. We know South Africans are not ready to pay more for less where they can pay less for more.

Also there is Savanna which is South Africa's favorite and it has reasonable prices.

There was no way South Africans were going to choose something new over what already works for them.

Now the question is why isn't her brand of beverage not making it up to the top like Bonang's BNG? House of BNG cost over R600, it is not even a champagne but sparkling wine. Yet its success is something out of this world.

Bonang even announced a series of cans, they come in 4 packs and they are a hit. People love them and they cost R200 and they are smaller than the BT Signature but they are flying off shelves.

What is Bonang's secrete and what is it that Boity's is doing wrong with her product?

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