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Powerful 5 Tips for Seasoning Braai Meat Like a Pro

Since the hour of the cavern tenant, men (and all the more as of late, ladies) have been getting fires going and cooking succulent meat for their families. In South Africa braai culture is as much piece of our legacy as our game stores, cave works of art and Jerusalema. 

To be recognized as an expert braaier in this nation is nearly pretty much as esteemed as being picked for an Olympic group. Also, realizing what preparing to use to make the ideal substantial dinner is one way your value is estimated. Robertsons is here to assist you with pulling out all the stops by bringing you five hints and thoughts for flavoring braai meat. We have gone to unimaginable lengths to source the most flawless spices and flavors to guarantee that when you're preparing meat, you are doing as such stunningly. 

5 Brilliant Tips for Seasoning Braai Meat 

1. Play with pepper 

2. Coarse salt, obviously 

3. Save time with a pre-blended mix 

4. A little pat does some amazing things 

5. Add uber umami 

1. Play with Pepper 

Dark pepper isn't the best way to add a little punch to your braai meat. Try not to stall out in your manner, attempt various assortments of pepper. In case you are braaing chicken you can't turn out badly with the lively kind of Robertsons Lemon Pepper. It has a punchy citrus flavor with a zingy bend that touches off the umami kinds of meat it is matched with. 

Robertsons White Pepper is another culinary treat that brings a sensitive, gentle character that works best when scoured into fish or cleaned over prawns or crawfish before sluggish simmering them on the coals. 

For striking hotness go with Robertsons Cayenne Pepper on steaks, meat sosaties and sheep hacks. This blazing stew pepper is great on the off chance that you partake in your braai meat somewhat spicier. 

Top Tip: Cayenne pepper can do you the lot of good. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium just as nutrients A, E, C, B6 and K. 

2. Coarse Salt, of Course 

With regards to salt, the best braai tip we can give you is to utilize coarse salt as opposed to table salt. Our Robertsons Atlantic Sea Salt is brought to you from the virus waters of the Atlantic and is accessible in a convenient processor. At the point when you utilize coarse salt to prepare meat, the bigger grains disseminate all the more effectively and stick better to the meat's surface, bumping you towards the title of braai lord among your companions. 

3. Save Time with a Premixed Blend 

No an ideal opportunity to test convoluted blends of flavors? Forget about it. We at Robertsons realize that when a hankering for braai meat strikes, there is no better time than right now. We draw from our long stretches of skill in the zest art to make mouth-watering zest mixes, so you don't need to. 

Robertsons Braai and Grill All-in-One is actually what it vows to be. With impeccably adjusted flavors from coriander, paprika, celery and thyme, you'll help your red meat out with this one. Not a meat eater? Don't worry about it! Attempt our Mushroom Steaks for a profoundly flavourful, and seriously appetizing vegan barbecue. 

Another hot competitor is Robertsons Braai and Grill Spicy BBQ with its layers of smoky paprika, onion, garlic and cumin It'll change shortribs into a delicate, tacky banquet, supplemented by a delightful side of pap and chakalaka. What's more, in case it's a rich and zesty steak you're after, look no farther than our electrifying barbecued ribeye formula. 

4. A Little Pat Works Wonders 

Another sharp meat preparing tip is to wipe the meat off prior to preparing. Snatch a paper towel and use it to retain dampness off the meat prior to preparing it. This works on the contact between the braai matrix and the outer layer of the meat and permits the meat to singe, instead of steam, on the coals. 

A drier cut of meat likewise clutches preparing better, guaranteeing the additional character doesn't fall into the coals yet adheres to the outer layer of the meat. 

Top Tip: Remember to prepare meat from above to get an even dispersion of your delectable flavors. Moreover, it makes you resemble a star! 

5. Add Uber Umami 

In the event that perusing this has sparked your interest for a past South African braai, hang on! We have another meat preparing tip to share. To add notes of soften in-your-mouth umami to your meat take a stab at matching it with different wellsprings of this character. 

Robertsons Garlic Flakes, for instance, or tomato glue or soy sauce. Indeed, even Marmite can add exquisite character layers and stir the regular umami taste of meat. For one more wellspring of umami attempt Robertsons Masterblends Rosemary and Garlic with its a mix of onions, chillies and garlic.

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