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The most creative drink ever, mzansi was not expecting this.

It is no secret that South Africans love to party, and that is just one thing that has always been a huge part of our tradition as South Africans. We celebrate almost everything, from the birth of a baby to the adulting of a child. There's one thing that all South Africans will agree with, and that is the fact that we love our beer, drinking is one thing that South Africans love.

Alcohol is one industry that has been a major contributor to the economy of South Africa, and that is just proof that South Africans love their beer. Brands of alcohol have come and gone in South Africa, but there is one alcohol drink that is so creative, that it might stay for a lot longer than most people think.

The drink is called "Easy shakes", the drink is a mixture of fruit, juice, ice and a bottle of an existing brand of alcohol put inside the drink upside down. Although we can just call it a cocktail, it is a little different from the traditional cocktail that you find at your local bar. At first it seems a little crazy but, if you take your time to look at it, you realize that it is a very creative drink.

There are many flavours of this drink, the flavors seem to be judged by the existing beer brand that you choose, the crazy or ambitious part about this drink is the fact that it is made in a 1litre small bucket. The idea is so crazy that it works.

South Africans seem to be amazed by the deink that it seems they have accepted it. It would not be a surprise if you happen to see someone drinking at a certain event that you are attending. I guess times are changing and so do the way we used to enjoy a drink, so it seems.

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