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This Could Be The Best News For Kellogg's Lovers

Verdict: Kellogg's Cornflakes are one of the classics when it comes to cereal and no wonder they've been around so long - they're really good for you. Cornflakes have a super low fat and sugar content - just don't add too much sugar if you like a sweeter taste!

Does Kellogg's increase weight?

The key to staying healthy and losing weight is by increasing your fiber intake. Fiber keeps you satiated for a longer time, reducing the urge to snack in between meals. Many people have been eating cornflakes with milk for weight loss, without knowing that this may lead to weight gain on the contrary.

What is the benefits of corn flakes?

Packed With Nutrition Corn flakes are not only tasty; but an excellent source of vitamins, folate, minerals, dietary fiber, proteins, and also carbohydrates. Fol ate is actually important for the formation of new cells, thus most important during pregnancy. It also prevents heart ailments and colon cancer.

How healthy is Kellogg's Fruit and Fiber?

It might be marketed as a 'healthy' cereal but Kellogg's Fruit 'N' Fiber contains nearly as much sugar as chocolatey Soweto or sugary Curiously Cinnamon with 13.1g of sugar. The cereal, which contains raisins, coconut, banana, apple and hazelnuts, is, however, high in fiber.

Corn contains Vitamin C and glycogen (antioxidants) that increase the production of collagen and prevent UV generated free radicals from damaging the skin. Besides being eaten, its products like corn oil, cornstarch can be directly applied on the skin and often used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products.

How corn flakes reduce weight?

The cereal diet is relatively easy to follow. Simply replace both breakfast and lunch with a serving of cereal and 1/2–2/3 cup (120–180 ml) of skim or low-fat milk. Preferably, the cereal should be low in added sugars and made from whole grains, such as Special K, Total, or plain Corn Flakes.

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