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How to make Yogurt tart

Yogurt tart has been a tradition of our family for years every occasion my mom would make a yoghurt tart and as a child i would always just watched her, and lick the bowl out afterwards. Now that I'm a grown adult I'm starting to make my own Yogurt tart the tradition has been passed on to me. And instead of my mom it's me making the tart now. Here is what you will need when making Yogurt tart:

1Kg Strawberry yogurt

1tin Condensed Milk

1   Packet of Jelly

1   Packet of Marie  Biscuits/Coconut biscuits.

1  Packet of gelatin

Throw the Yogurt into a bowl, make your jelly (the instructions is on the back of the packet) but basically what you do is add one cup of hot water and one cup of cold water, stir until the Jelly has dissolved, throw it into the bowl with Yogurt. Add in Condensed Milk. Take one sachet of gelatin mix with hot water throw into a cup and stir until it has dissolved. Throw it into the Yogurt mixed. Now that you have all your ingredients in the bowl stir it well.

Now you layer your tart bowl with biscuits wet the biscuits slightly otherwise once you throw in your Yogurt mix your biscuits will not stay in place. Wet it just slightly otherwise the biscuit will be to soggy so do it quickly. Once that is done throw in your  Yogurt mix put it in the fridge and let it set.

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