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3 secrets behind mixing Coca Cola and milk

Mixing milk and Coca-Cola has three mysteries.

The idea that "milk Coke" had become a factor had caused quite a stir on Twitter back in March. Is there a reason why people might drink milk and Coca-Cola together, or is it just a coincidence? Here are three reasons why people might.

1. Milk is a healthy alternative to sugary sodas like Coca-Cola.

Because we are aware of Coca-dangers, Cola's we often feel guilty about drinking it. It's up to us to decide what the healthiest way to pursue it is. That's milk for me. By combining the two, we're able to better manage our time and rationalize our need on cola.

2. Milk Coke gives us the illusion of gliding through the air with cola.

On a sweltering October day, who doesn't need a cold Coke? If you don't have access to ice cream or simply want to minimize your caloric intake, then a glass of milk Coke will do the trick! Even though it still has a delicious candy flavor, it's no longer as icy as it once was.

Because of the carbonation in milk, it reduces the amount of fueloil in the tank.

When we down a cold Coca-Cola, we've all experienced those terrible fueloline bubbles in our guts. Drinking milk with cola may help alleviate those gassy times for some. The milk's creaminess reduces the Coke's carbonation and acidity.

Drinking Coca-Cola isn't the best thing you can do for your health. However, adding milk might raise the nutritional value of your beverage. Milk Coke is one of my favorite beverages since I can pretend it's a Coke Cola without wrecking my diet.

Try mixing Coca-Cola with milk. If so, please tell us about it in the comments below!


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