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Propagation needs of different vegetables

Propagation needs of different vegetables

The table opposite gives details of suitable sowing timings and the need for warmth of a range of popular vegetables. These timings are for first and maincrop harvests – you can sow later for later harvests. The estimates for number of weeks to first harvest are for average weather conditions in a zone 9 climate.

The sowing times given are the ‘seasonal points’ that are good for sowing in temperate climates: if the climate in your area is colder or warmer, you may need to sow earlier or later in the season. 

The ‘need heat’ column gives an indication of the benefit to plant growth and health of giving extra warmth, for germinating and early growth only. A value of 1 means that extra heat is of least benefit, while values from 3 to 5 mean that heat must be given for seeds to germinate evenly at the sowing times given. 

The ‘weeks on heated bed’ time will vary according to how much space you have for all your plants: leaving them on your hot bed or other heated propagating bed for shorter or longer than indicated here is possible, according to ambient temperature. Don’t overdo the heat for fast-growing plants such as courgettes, making them ready to plant outside before the weather is warm enough. A value of 1 is for seeds needing just a short burst of warmth to trigger germination; a value of 9 means that both seeds and young plants need constant warmth over a long period.

The ‘weeks from sowing to planting’ values reflect the likely ambient temperatures when early sowings are made. Any of the vegetables shown here that can also be sown in summer will be ready to plant more quickly, for example lettuce in 3-4 weeks from sowing rather than 5-6.

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