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Bad news for the loyalties of Savannah cider, Bad news for the loyalties of Savannah cider, several sellers have reported running out of stock

Savanna ciders

Gauteng tavern owners run out of Savanna ciders

Bad news for loyalists of Savanna ciders. Several sellers have reported running out of stock and supply ahead of the festive season.

Lovers of Savanna ciders could find themselves looking for alternative options. Stressed-out liquor traders have confirmed a shortage of the hugely popular booze drink.


A few sellers from Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal have confirmed a scarcity of supply for all the drink’s variety: Savanna Dry, Angry Lemon, and Light.

One Spar liquor store in KwaZulu-Natal put out a signature that warns it could be without the in-demand drink for four to six months.

“Dear customer, all Savana variants are out of stock at supplier. Estimated to be out for 4 – 6 months,” the note said.


A seller from a Johannesburg township told EWN he had requested 10 cases of Savanna ciders but only received less than half of the order.

“We were told by company [Distell] representatives that there will be a shortage, but they didn’t specify the reason,” the worried tavern owner from Tembisa said.

“This is going to be a problem for the festive season if that’s true,” he concluded.


Meanwhile, the popular alcohol brand has broken the silence. The company released a note on its social media pages to confirm the stock shortage before promising to ‘work hard.’

“Thank you for the love! Siyavanna SA. We are genuinely sorry there is low stock in places. Thirsty for answers? We have doubled our volume in SA this year and we simply can’t keep up with the love! Ska wara, we’re working hard not to let you go dry!” the statement said.

In other boozy news, a 24-hour alcohol ban for Election Day could come into force, after the MAC recommended ‘limiting alcohol sales’ when the ballot boxes open.

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