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South Africans, Can you Survive in Zimbabwe Where a 15 Kilograms of Potatoes Cost $1573 ?


It is difficult for the wealthy elites to understand the pain of the poor who are earning a worthless RTGS dollar, prices are coming down for the rich and going up for the poor due to exchange rate disparities. 15kgs of potatoes are ZW$1573 or US$7, It used to be US$20 spare a thought for the growers who get paid 2 weeks later when the money has totally lost value

They understand the pain and know exactly what's going on but they don't care because they are making a fortune for themselves and their families. Why would they act against thier interests, by liberalising the exchange rate what would they gain? The issue here is mainly about corruption. We have criminal syndicates operating in the Reserve Bank, and they will never act in the national interest

The truth of the matter is that this sad situation is making some people extremely rich, the current situation gives them cheap access to the usd. Buying it from the reserve Bank for 85 rtgs and amassing wealth in the process. This is a day light robbery and in years time when the whole truth comes out and its laid out in the open how many billions of dollars, we lost we will be shocked and we will blame ourselves for having allowed this to happenThe winners in this sad situation don't care about the massive debt they are leaving behind for the next generation, every cheap usd they buy from the reserve Bank is a debt on the country. There is no such thing as cheap money because one day this money, this debt will need to be paid back

Frankly speaking am starting to wonder how civil servants make ends meet with the crazy RTGS prizes, something has to happen least they die paupers

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