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A tried an avocado for the first time and this occurred, see below

(Source: - @keepprayingbro)

Have you ever tried an avocado before, did you like it or not? It's one of those fruits that come at a certain time within the year, as they're seasonal. However there's some people that don't find anything delicious about avocado, meanwhile other individuals make sure that they're make it part of their weekly diet. As it has numerous health benefits as they're high in fiber, potassium, folate, so on. And they can even help you lower your cholesterol. It is mostly eaten with bread, it can be normal bread or toasted one. However, some people even put in a blender to make different healthy smoothies.

With that being said, a Twitter user has shared a picture of himself eating the green fruit. What shocked his followers and rest of other Twitter users was the way he decided to consume the avocado. Ideally, people should peel the outer layer and remove the massive seed inside it, before consuming it. Then after that it's up to you if you want to slice it or mash it and salt for flavour. However, the Twitter user just decided to bite the avocado without even peeling the outer layer. Also, there wasn't anything else that he could add on top of it for flavour, which can be spices, salts and even sugar. Yes, you read it correctly, there's some individuals that prefer their avocado sweet.

The Twitter user just stated that he doesn't like avocadoes after he took a bite. This has gotten different reactions online, as most people couldn't believe that there's individuals that eat avocadoes like an apple. "Tried an avocado for the first time, tastes HORRIFIC!! 😫," wrote @keepprayingbro on Twitter.

"No wonder y'all hate Avo 😳 now it makes sense," said @Thando_Mcaciso on Twitter.

"That's not a guava wena you don't eat the skin," said @Lisakhanya_G on Twitter.

"It had to taste horrible bcoz u chowed without peeling off. Sir, peel the damn thing & sprinkle some salt or aromat, and then u go. That's hw we do it in jozi," said @JoziRecycling on Twitter.

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