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No more excuses for men in bed. Check how (tiya labe sotho) and African potatoes can help. Fiction.

These are the very difficult times for most of men since corona virus shattered a lots of companies and jobs. Lots of marriage are affected because men are stressing because of lack of money and when men is stressed the is no performance in the bedroom. 

Today have a solution for men we are saying the still hope for men to sustain their marriages.

Please men to do this home remedy you don't have to have money what you need you just need 2 things wild tea but we call it ( itiya labesuthu) and African potatoes.

These 2 things you can get them on a feild just get them and go home and boil the African potatoes and wild tea. What you do you just boil this 2 products separate and drink them like you are drinking tea everyday in the morning.

The (itiya labesuthu) gives more anegy to your body system so that you can satisfy your wife and the tea reduces the stress and clean blood too.

If you are a Diabetes person African wild potato can your lower blood sugar and you can get more power like stallion.

I know that you lost your job but please make sure you don't lose your wife too due to stress (itiya labesuthu) and African potatoes are ready to rescue you.

Content created and supplied by: Ibhoza22 (via Opera News )

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