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Customers Complains After His Order Was Not The Same As The One Advertised Online

An unsatisdied customers has shared a picture of food that he was not expecting.

This follows after he made an online order at Steers and only to find out that the order is not of the same as the one being advertised.

The user wrote: "I hardly complain but this, Steers was taking me for a ride and they got mad when I asked for a refund."

The post gained momentun and other users shared their experience also with the food outlet and other competitors.

User 1: "We last ordered three racks early this month, I believe it was the last time. Those racks were half cooked, reporting to the store that they are not well done, we were told that we should have only ate one rack."

"If you've worked at an Ad Agency, you'd know that menus are deceptive. The graphic designers put all the 'food pieces' and packaging together and then the DTP does all the color corrections to make it look tasty. Basically, you hardly get what you see," wrote a user.

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