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Safety accident


Food safety

Fake products in Townships/Rural areas from 'Foreign owned' spaza shops. Check this before buying

Fake products our communities in Townships/Rural areas consume from 'Foreign owned' spaza shops.

No enforcement of Food Safety in SA.

They do this with almost everything, even bread, they swipe it along the way to reliable grocery store, it's even safe to buy in-house. I wanted to supply them my products they were quick to ask me to counterfeit my products for profit and easy marketing I refused. It's happening

Now they are even faking medicine. I once bought MedLemon and it tasted like washing powder. So guy be careful when you buy important stuff like foods and meds at "bo my friend shops".

My worry now if it's home made what's in those drinks? People will die of food poisoning you watch. A good businessman with good intentions will never just think about the profits over the health of its customers. This is serious and it needs some intervention.

What About The Taste...Cause This Is The Important Part...I Mean How Can You Tell That The One You Bought At Pick 'n Pay Is Different From These Ones...Probably They Are Even Supplying These Big Stores...I Mean The Reduced Prices On These Products Should Be A Concern...

2 weeks back I bought 1.25 Krest Ginger Ale from a foreign owned spaza shop in my township. When I was about to pour it, I noticed some floating stuff in it. I called Coca-Cola. They sent in a representative to come replace and collect the it for a test. I am waiting for results.

I stopped buying from them years ago after one sold me an expired product and when I went back he acted like nothing was wrong. Refunded me but put it back amongst other products.

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