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The available balance gave people chest pains, that the forgot about the food.

Money is something which doesn't come easy and when you find it it has an easy way to leave that's the hard part about money its hard to come by and easy to go. People are out there suffering with end meets of everyday and then there is this guy on twitter who shared his pictires with a very enormous amount of money that gave people heartaches.

The person bought a meal that costed the amount of a whole outfit but then people did not care about the meal but the remaining balance of the person who posted the money. Here are the pictures from twitter that have been clearly trending from all sides.

Some of the pictures where from WhatsApp status so the pictures really were trending on all both sides of social media. Here are other pictures from twitter and the meal that costed R850 the meal really had so many questions as to how a person can order such a meal that costed that much but, anyways people are spending more than this on alcohol.

Here are the other pictures from twitter and the balance that gave people a scare take a look at the balance. Here is a picture don't catch cold after looking at it.

Here are the full pictures with the comments and people feelings from. Twitter. Take a look at the comments and the peoples views from Twitter.

TWITTER Social media platform.

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