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Over R400 for a pie at Pick and Pay, South Africa responds hilariously.

One South African Woman was left shocked recently after she came across a strange price in her till slip. After shopping at Pick and Pay and making a few small purchases the Women went to a car. It was there when she noticed that something was off with the way she was charged. Here's what she found.

While everything else checked out, she found that one item cost her nearly five hundred Rand. Looking for the product she was shocked to find that it was actually a steak and kidney pie. While most pies cost around twenty rand each, this pie was marked at R495.

No pie should ever cost that much, so the women rightfully troubled went back in and was refunded for the pie. However even though the situation was over, South Africa did have a laugh at her expenses. Here's what they had to say about the situation.

One person made the connection between this pie and Woolworths expensive items, saying that even Woolworths are cheaper.

There was some who saw this for what it was, an honest mistake. However if the person had not noticed it would be a problem, so sometimes even a mistake can have negative consequences.

Some wanted to know just how tasty that pie was for that price. Maybe it was made with items that are not available to us.

Some noticed that even though the pie cost a whopping R495, it was still R77 off. Maybe she was getting a good deal.

A few blamed this situation on the looting that recently occured, saying that the looting is now a pandemic.

While the Woman did get a refund for her troubles, it should be noted that prices can be wrong on many items and people should always check their till slips, what do you think of the situation, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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