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KIND: I managed to make food even though it was Loadsheding

King Don went through loadsheding, which is no longer a surprise in the country, but it is something that will not be allowed or accepted either. It makes life very difficult and people are not able to prepare food without having to worry about the lights being off. He was hungry and needed food, but he was able to make a plan.


He went to cook with firewood and it is a good option. It is something that you should have as a backup, and you will not have to worry when it is loadsheding. But then you have to make sure you are up to date and have some firewood ready at all times because it is always being announced as a surprise.

But then some people from the comment section are not happy with his food, and when it comes to making a meal that people from Twitter do not like, it becomes another moment of Tito Mboweni. Mboweni receives criticism all the time, even when he is just beginning to cook, because he shares pictures from the beginning. But it looks mouthwatering.


People like Chris Excel likes to drag or criticize other people all the time. It is expected to come from someone like Chris Excel. But sometimes he will tweet something that is positive and encouraging. That is why it is hard to hate him because all the time he is being informative and he has made it his lifestyle just to be on Twitter all the time.

Surely King Don had a good time eating his meal prepared from a firewood pile. It is something that you can have within your residence and sometimes you will make food from it. It brings people together when it is cold, mostly at night, chilling together.

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