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Ways to turn boring Custard and Jelly dessert into a fancy dessert

With festive season already here one of the most popular desserts is Jelly and Custard. It's the plain old dessert that almost everyone makes for Christmas dessert. Not only is it easy to make but it is affordable aswell and it can be made and kept ahead of time. In this article we will show you ways to turn the boring Custard and Jelly to something that looks fabulous.

Make your Jelly in a square container or if you have extra ice cube trays you can make different colors. Then put your custard in a large bowl cut it into cubes and put them it for a beautiful bowl of dessert. You could alternatively do them on glasses.

Take a bowl that has designs on them and put it your Jelly in, if you have a silicone bowl it will be easier to get the Jelly out. It will leave the designs of the bowl on the Jelly.

The next one is the same thing a patterned bowl but this time you can layer your custard and Jelly and put them in the fridge to set together. Or you can add different colors of Jelly to form layers.

Take a few shot glasses, add the Jelly and let it set in an angle. You could lean it against something in the fridge so they set like so. Then you add your custard on top. You could add fruit to the top aswell.

The next one requires a little more patience and time. Make your Jelly and then put them in small glasses. Lean the glasses against something in the fridge and let it set. Once it is set do the same thing to the other side with different colored Jelly. Once they're set pour your custard in the center.

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