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Mzansi is worried about Tito Mboweni's health after he shared the food he cooked

We all know that Tito Mboweni is known for his bad cooking skills. Tin fish is always his favourite dish always cooks it but the way he loves garlic, it's scary.

If garlic is bad for a human body to Tito will be the first one to get ill, this is too much

We all love garlic but he is worse, I mean the garlic is meant to be crushed and you don't have to put a whole lot of it but look at the Tito_mboweni's dish. Today he was trying to make a beef stew which is a total fail. This is a no no. It doesn't even qualify to be called a beef stew because it's not

everyone is laughing at his dish and he doesn't seem to care,

Easy teriyaki beef with garlic & green pepper. Fast & tasty, this dish is easily your best gourmet expert work by far, Hon MboweniOK hand

A dash of thinly sliced ginger, & fresh coriander leaves for garnish would elevate your bold flavours instantly. Bon appetit, chef.

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