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Are these fat cakes or glazed meat

Are these fat cakes or glazed meat?

At first, I thought it was burned meat until I read the caption that said how do you make your fat cakes because I have given up, that is what Angelle posted.

There was nothing that looks like a fat cake on what was placed on the plate. It looked more like a glazed meet. And if it was glazed meat, it looked delicious.

I know some people are good at cooking certain kinds of meals, they are known in their families as specialists in that particular meal. And there are those no matter how much they try, can never get it right. This was the case with Angelle when she tried to cook fat cakes, they did not come out to be the way she has seen them from her family, friends, or in shops. Judging from the post, it was not her first attempt to make fat cakes and they didn't come out as she expects them to be.

Her fans came to her rescue and gave her a recipe including the instructions on how to make fat cakes. Of cause, some were honest enough to let her know she should stay away from flour and cook what she is good at. People thought it was glazed or roasted lamb shank.

For me, the no goes zone food to prepare is truffle and picky fish. I would not prepare that two food to save my life. What food is a no go zone for you to prepare?


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