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The Price Of Pie At "Pick n Pay" Leaves Mzansi In Disbelief, Look How Much It Cost

Firstly it was Shoprite with their extra savings card and now it is Pick n Pay selling pie steak and kidney at a very shocking price.People were left with chest pains after seeing how much the pie cost.It is very troubling that the pie and steak actually cost R495,00 at the Pick n Pay.Others believe the shop must have made a mistake with the pricing of the pie steak and kidney.

The price is just not right for a single pie steak and kidney, people claim that things have changed that even a pie can cost about R500.

People were left shocked that the price is just out of the world and should be sold at restuarant and not the Pick n Pay.People are convinced that the top food retailers like Shoprite and Pick n Pay have the tendencies of pricing their products very high.People were sold R10 bread and 2 for R25 with their extra savings card which people noticed and felt scammed.

Now there's a pie steak and kidney that costs about R495,00.

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Source: Kedibone Judas

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