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If a Woman Eats Straight Out from the Pot, Here's What its Believed Might Happen - OPINION

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In Africa, there are some beliefs about eating straight from the pot. Eating straight from the pot is regarding as bad manners. In the olden days till now elders will bite your head off if they ever spot you doing this.

One reason a person might eat from the pot is that there isn't enough stew left so they'll mix it with the base. People enjoy leftovers eaten straight from the pot. But elders seem to strongly disagree with theis act.

But to be quite honest leftovers taste much better when eaten straight from the pot. If you've done this you know exactly what am talking about.

Well, there are so many superstitions people believe might happen when you eat straight from the pot. According to elders if you eat from the pot on your wedding day it will rain.

If you're a man you won't ever get married. Rain on your wedding day is known to be a good sign, as rain represents blessings. It signify fertility and unbreakable union. Because it's believed that a wet knot is difficult to untie.

Some also believe that if it's rain on your wedding day, it means the bride will forever be happy and they'll be no more tears she'll ever cry.

Although rain is considered bad weather for a happy day such as a wedding. But it said to represent good fortune. When ever it's rains on the wedding people quickly assume that the bride ate straight from the pot.

Another bizarre belief about eating straight from the pot is that the woman will give birth to children with big heads. Iam not really sure why people believe in this or is it a real thing.

But it was done to make girls behavior right and have good manners because it's lady like.

Even in this day and age we still find people who believe in this superstition. Do you believe in this superstition?

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