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Carbonated Drinks

Want a clean, stain free toilet? Use this strange product.

Do you want a stain free toilet bowl? And you are tired of using harmful chemicals. Try using coca cola. The fizzy drink can actually remove hard to clean stains on the inside of a toilet bowl. Just leave the soda in the toilet overnight, the next morning,flush the fizz away and you will find your toilet looking good as new. You won't have to use too much coke to clean your toilet. 350 ml's should be plenty. The acidity in coca-cola is high enough to dissolve toilet stains without the use of traditional toilet cleaners. Some sites recommend heating the coke in the mirowave until it is warm. Not boiling, just warm. You must coat the entire toilet bowl with coke. It will run down and mix with the water, but leave behind an invisible layer of acid residue. For stubborn stains, soak a cloth or piece of paper towel in coke and place it directly on top of really dirty areas.

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