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Amasi one of the traditional best dish check how healthy is amasi.

Amasi contains valuable probiotics and is known as the best African dish, well some prepare amasi in different ways some often drink it with bread very often these days. from time to time a lot of people recommended amasi as one of the best healthy ways to clean your diet.

Check what is revealed about amasi

It improves digestive functions and reduces constipation, boosts immunity, decreases the chance of getting cancer protects against diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's, and also helps with hormones and controls your appetite. many people have continued to purchase it around local shops,some know how to make it. amasi it's been the for years and no one has ever come with a negative thought about 2004 in Kenya children who consumed amasi had less affection for diarrhea, which proves that amasi is healthy to eat or drink. even today amasi is known as a healthy product to use especially when it comes to children. well, it is recommended for everyone to consume it.



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African Amasi


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