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Do You Eat Too Much Meat? This is What Will Happen to Your Body

Meat forms an important part of many people's diet. Others can't go a day without eating it. Eating meat is not bad at all, but eating too much of it is another story.

Some poor animals went extinct because of demand of their meat by humans, while other species are threatened. Wiping out of whole animal species led to the formation of many organisations as well as to people becoming vegetarians.

Below is a list of things that meat can do yo you if you don't know when it's enough.

1 Heart Problems

Do you know that eating a more fibre creates protection around your Heart? While on the other hand, meat does not have fibre , so eat too much of it creates nothing but trouble for your heart.

Eating too much red meat is riskier as studies conducted at the Medical University Wexner, shows that it can triple risks of heart related diseases. Levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) are raised by fats in meat.

2 Feel tired and lazy

Another side effect of too much meat is the feeling if tiredness. Our digestive system finds it harder to digest meat related foods, while it's much easier for it to digest fruits and vegetables.

That is why after a big meat based meal, you might feel sluggish and tired, sweating in some cases , it's because your digestive system is trying hard to digest them chunks.

3 You'll get constipated

The abundance of protein in meat doesn't make up for the absence of fibre. Tjat protein will only be useful in your body if taken with fibre rich foods like whole grain, fruits and vegetables.

When fibre intake is below required level, brace yourself for constipation as well as painful bowel movements. That is why informed people eat their steak with salads.

4 Kidney stones

Proteins found in meat have compounds which are called purines, which breaks down into uric acid. Possessing too much of this energy will earn you kidney stones.

They are not nice to have at all. If you are a meat lover , I suggest you start lowering your intake and drink a lot of water.

5 It causes headaches

Lack of hydration causes headaches, right? The headaches happens as a result of thickening blood which makes it difficult for oxygen to reach your thinking department.

Find meat based products which contains nitrate, which loosen the blood and allow an easy passage for oxygen to the head office. Nitrate rich meat based foods are salami , hotdogs , etc.

Now that you know the risks associated with letting the carnivore inside you loose, please follow me as I will bring you more health benefiting tips.

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