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Would you eat this braai meal with Bread or Pap ?

Here is a mouthwatering plate of Braai delicious meal, what would you eat this with Pap or Bread?

The dish has nicely Braaied beef and boerewors with 7 colors of green salad, hot chacalaca, mash salad, mixed veg mayo salad and lastly imfino with salad dressing.

Braai which means roasted meat

This is one of Mzansis dishes that breaks all racial walls and brings us all together as Mzansi. South Africa is a well known diversed country but when it comes to food we all seem to have one common thing which is Braai, we all enjoy Braai food in a warm sunny day, Braai is an Afrikaans word taken from braaivleis.

Here are some Braai ideas to try this festive season with friends and family :

Braai recipe for grilled chicken

Chicken is the easiest meat to cook, it can be served with any sauce. To prepare your sticky chicken you'll need tamato sauce, Worcestershine sauce, black pepper, seeds, add honey if you enjoy sweet taste on meat.


Once you have broiled your meat with vegetables mix Ala ingredients mentioned above then add them on chicken, after adding all spices and sauce Braai your chicken till its fully grilled

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Afrikaans Braai Mzansis Pap South Africa


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