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The delicious French macaroni.

French Macaroons. Recipe.

I have to admit, these yummy cookies can show you flames. However once you get the hang of how they are done they will be as easy as ABC.

You will need

Silicon macaroon mat

Piping bag

Stand mixer


3 egg whites

¼ cup white sugar

2 cups icing sugar

1 cup almond flour

Pinch of salt

¼ tspn cream of tarta

In a bowl fitted with a whisk, whisk egg white on medium speed until they become foarmy.

Add white sugar a table spoon at a time

Once the you finish adding sugar increases the mixing speed to maximum and add cream of tarta.

Continue to whisk for 10mins max.

The mixture should form soft peaks

Add coloring at this stage. Preferebly jel food color

Meanwhile sift icing sugar and almond flour

Sift twice

Add to the egg mixture(meringue)

Gently fold until the mixture is well mixed.

It should be a little bit runny.

This should take plus 50 folds

Pipe small circles on to the macaroon mat

Pat the on the table to make them smooth

Let the macaroons rest outside for plus 30mins

Bake in the middle of the oven at 120°C

They should be ready in 20mins

Fill with butter cream or chocolate ganache.

Store in an airtight container.

©Faris Cake Take.

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French French Macaroons


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