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We've been "lied" to, people are renting Bottles at nightclubs.

Bottle service is something that isn't cheap at all, some clubs can charge about R3k for a bottle of champagne in South Africa, and that's not a surprise at all anymore, because a lot of night clubs across the world are really expensive. Well these prices are something that is a normal part to some wealthy people, but if you're someone like me and you then we wouldn't wanna pay R3k for one bottle of champagne at a club.

The bill could come potentially even costing above a hundred thousand Rands and that's not even a joke, some people do spend more than a hundred thousand Rands entirely on bottle service.

Well it seems that some things we used to think are real are actually not real, we always see young people in clubs ordering about 7 bottles of the most expensive champagne in the club and usually post this on their social media pages. Well arcoding to a news24 article titled "are young South africans really renting bottles at top night clubs around the country?", it could be that some people at clubs actually rent bottles at top clubs to pull of the image that they might be wealthy.

This has been said to be mostly done by influencers, who are have a following on large social media platforms. Well this is obviously a little surprising to some people who actually used to think that these people are genuinely buying these bottles. According to the article these people are doing these things such as renting bottles purely for the gram, meaning this is to trick their fans into believing that they are actually wealthy and deserve your following as a fan.

Renting of bottles is something that is happening almost everyday in the biggest night clubs in South Africa, so do not be surprised when you see some of your favorite influencers having a lot of bottles around them, don't be too quick to assume that they actually going to pay for all of them. It could be that they pay for one bottle amongst all of the bottles that arrive at their table.

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