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A lady went to twitter complaining after she found this on her burger, see pictures below

The lady who goes by the name of @Beauty_Malebana posted a picture of the burger she bought in Tzaneen.

This is the picture of the burger the lady got @tweeter

The lady was heartbroken because of the service she got on her meal. The burger didn't have enough chase or onions, the workers decided to put gravy inside it. People were left confused on how such mistake could happen at the food shop. The lady couldn't return the meal because she opened it when she was far from home. But we all know that most of these mistakes do happen when there is high number of orders happening around. There are people who shared how there were also got things they didn't order in some food shops. This doesn't actually happen always, most of the time is just an unlikely day for some customers that they end up getting such services. The lady was just sharing the man she felt after craving for burger the whole day and then she finds such a meal. She actually did send a massage to the company complaining about the service she got.

Even though as people we can not normalise this service because the girl paid lot of money for her meal. But there are days where workers there are stress but still they need to report on duty. That is when they start doing such mistake. This doesn't mean that people actually need to be rude about it, the girl was just unlucky to get such an order. But if she returns to the shop and show them that they made a mistake and putted gravy on her burger they might return back her money and the problem will be solved. It's actually hard to work with people and make food all day.

These are some of picture people shared on comments section. Sharing their complains also. @tweeter

People can not just judge the whole by one mistake. The lady was just sharing her bad day and ended up showing people the service she got. It's actually hard to believe that there are people who do not eat burgers because of their previous experience. Truly speaking her burger was not that bad just that they putted gravy instead of cheese and other things. But the lady was advised to go back to the shop so that they will be able to fix this matter. This is not the only mistake that is happening in South Africa but there working under pressure at the end they get paid less.

In my opinion, I don't see anything wrong with the burger. We all actually do mistakes at work and that doesn't mean we don't know our job. The person who made the burger was a little bit stressed and that is actually normal. The lady will find help if she goes back to her shop and she will get a refund on her money. The media is a good space to complain but most people different opinions and advices. The lady Didi a good job by sharing on social media so that people can check their food before they start eating it. It is not a bad thing to share your opinions.

The burger was actually supposed to look like this , picture from @Tweeter

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