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The truth about this beer, that many South Africans do not know. Opinion.

During December, one thing many people do is drink alcohol. They do this to both celebrate an let go off the stress from the previous years. One of the most popular alcohol to drink is Carling Black Label beer. South Africans love it and consider it a Proudly South African brand. However there is something being overlooked.

The Truth about this beer :

Many South Africans do not know this, but Carling Black Label is not what we think it is. The beer is not actually a Proudly South African product, instead it was created far from our own shores, in Canada.

Even though many think that it's only a South African beer, Carling is available all over the world under different names. While I know some won't mind this, other will take it as a shock as they grew up seeing this beer and have been driving it for years.

The beer was actually invented in the 1870s, before it was purchased by a business tycoon. Later on, for a period of time, it was one of the world's largest brewing companies. It was the world's first beer to be brewed in mass on an international scale. So what does this mean for South Africans.

The implications of this situation :

While it's true that Carling Black Label is not a South African brand, that doesn't mean we have to stop loving it. As I've said before, many people grew up around this beer and eventually started drinking it themselves. During the Christmas season I would like to urge everyone who is drinking, to not drink and drive and be safe.

What do you think about this fact, tell me your own opinions down in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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