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Here Is Why Some Hotels Add Paracetamol On Food While Cooking And Should Not Be Ignored

Humans use paracetamol to treat pain and lower their body temperatures. It is used to treat a number of illnesses, such as colds, back discomfort, headaches, and muscle aches. Nowadays, a lot of hotels offer food with paracetamol added to it on their menus. They concealed a painkiller in the food. They employ paracetamol to soften meat in order to reduce the cost of the energy used in cooking. When paracetamol is heated, it loses its ability to relieve pain and turns extremely acidic, making it dangerous to swallow.

These businesses' owners assert that paracetamol softens foods heavy in protein, such as meat, beans, and other foods. They are aware that soft meat is popular with people in general and that those with dental issues also like soft meat. The owners of these hotels contend that adding paracetamol to meals as they cook reduces the amount of time required for cooking, which helps save a lot of fuel.

Hotels prefer paracetamol to soften meat due to its substantially lower cost. These people are unaware that paracetamol loses its painkilling properties when heated and instead turns very acidic and dangerous for human consumption. Several hotels still serve meals that contain paracetamol against the advice of health professionals.

According to experts, paracetamol has been related to liver and renal failure. According to their claims, the drug will transform when exposed to extremely high temperatures, forming harmful compounds that disrupt how bodily organs operate. From paracetamol, it changes into benzoin and paraminophine.

A medication gets hydrolyzed (broken down) when it is used in cooking, and one of those components is 4-aminophenol, which is extremely toxic to the kidneys and liver. Paraminophine and benzoin both damage the kidneys. Hotels should soak the meat in salted water for around 30 minutes if they want it to be more tender.


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