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Check Out Some Healthy Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

Our life rotate from the food we eat. From what we want to taste and what food to eliminate from our diet. Having a feast of meals with family and friends as cultural glue or creating moments for memories is what we tend to do. Food is important.

There a lot of from seed for meat, et cetera. On other hand food can be our enemy. Not only food boundaries and extreme consequences of eating disorders, it's more of awareness when approaching what we buy to eat. Check below these type of food.

Margarine is on the list because of it's of high percentage of trans fats. These trans fats are bad for the heart causing heart attacks. It also lowers the quality of milk when breastfeeding. Amongst that, food taste delicious with margarine.

Fizzy drinks called carbonated drinks, they are an empty calorie things. They feed you brain nothing but lies. There are no positive feed backs from drinking carbonated drinks but a big belly maker and waistline builder. This is due to the high amount of sugar like fructose which are converted in you liver then your body will store fat. It happens in a long run, by the time you realise you'd be at +80 kg in weight.

All energy drinks. They are filled with high amount of caffeine, taurine and Guarana. B vitamin and glucuronolactone which may be be unsafe for liver and brain.

Fruit juices. They may be 100% fruit origin but they are not healthy. After harvesting them. A company squeezes their liquid juices and store them in an oxygen depleted holding tanks for up to a year bofore packaging it. The time stored will make the juice flavor free liquid of fruits. Where does new flavorable taste come from?

This is the poorest bream in fiber. It makes insulin to spike in a risky way because of no or less fiber meaning hormones will be produced at low level or cause imbalance.

Honey doesn't go through a pasteurization process in which human toxic are not killed. In the next few days of consumption, nausea will results, weakness, excessive sweating and dizziness will come.

Tuna absorb too much of mercury in the ocean, which wen passed to our bodies they travel to our kidneys, brains and other soft tissues. Teeth will fall and for a pregnant woman be lose the baby or unlikely.

Bacon, sausage, ham or salami. Corned beef, smoked meat and beef jerky are one of processed food. They are salty in a way and contribute to high blood pressure and other sever health issues.

Canned fruits and vegetables even for fish. Water soluble factor found in there can be damaged by high heat used when canning food especially for low quality products which are harmful for the body.

Cheese are valuable as source of calcium. This is a high calorie food. Being obese may results in eat too much of it. Other things you need to know partners that goes along with cheese when eating it to avoid unwanted health issues.

This article is not to cut them in your grocery but to teach you to eat less of it every week. They are just not to be consumed too much for the sake of healthy.



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