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At this restaurant this is how clients are served with food

Twitter was left with so many unanswered questions. This comes after the picture, showing how clients are now served at some restaurants started circulating social media. It is important as a business person to come up with innovative ideas to enhance your product state and client satisfaction.

But many Twitter users found it super weird for the writers to serve clients using a spade. Spades are normally used to dig graveyards and builders use them to mix cement with souil. This got Twitter users wondering what will happen next "Hebanna (My God), I wonder what they use as cups?" Asked an influencer. Some Twitter users were jokingly saying that the owner of this restaurant probably targeted builders that is why spades are used to serve clients "Cash buld restaurant" Jokingly said a Twitter user. "Builders special" said another Twitter user. Some Twitter users were saying that waiters probably use whillbarrows to serve clients with food "And they serve you with a whillbarrow for sure" said a Twitter user.

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