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"I used 1 teaspoon of oil for all this. No more stress" Zimbabwean posted

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and got myself one of these. This thing is truly amazing. I just used 1 teaspoon of oil for all this. No stress. You just throw your stuff in and it does the rest. It was definitely the best buy of the year, especially for a bachelor like me. My cooking oil troubles are soon to be over. You can make me an offer on the oil. 


If you thought only South Africans complaining about the price of the cooking oil then you got it all wrong. A man based Zimbabwe came out on their private Facebook decided to make huge decision and purchase all air fryer since he could not stand the price of cookimg oil, things are not looking good but we all that food taste better when there cooking oil inside. Also show picture frying chicken, the food look amazing. Share your own opinion on this post



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