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Twitter Reacts to the Lady who drinks Black Label.

South Africa is a country that we all know to have a lot of diversity, and this is with our cultures, languages, and in this case even our taste in beer. Carling Black Label is a very popular beer brand here in South Africa, and it is typically found in Shebeens and taverns not so much in clubs and pubs.

A lady recently posted images of herself on Twitter where she was enjoying a Carling Black Label, and this kind of got some Twitter fans talking. A lot of people left their thoughts on this. Well, this is because Carling Black Label is a beer brand that we typically only see men drinking, it has a sour taste and it must have surprised a lot of people to see this woman drinking the beer.

Well, a lot of people reacted to this and it seems the majority of the people who were leaving their thoughts were men. Black Label has always been viewed as a beer mostly enjoyed by men, and it looks like this lady just changed that stereotype, as she proved that she also enjoys a good beer.

One Twitter account even left a comment that reads "vele was for you or Mr! I'm sceptical", it shows that even he thought the beer was for a man and not for the lady.

Does this mean that the stereotypes about the beer Black Label will finally come to an end, or will people continue to think of it as a beer that is mostly consumed by men? This lady has shown us proof today that Black Label is a beer that was meant for everyone.

The advertising, of the beer, also has some impact on why the beer is typically associated with men, their ads almost every time have more men than women.

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