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Did you know you can make pudding with bread?

Christmas is a very nice time to be with family . It's a time for one to flex your cooking muscles while you host your family. Given the circumstances of 2020, a lot of people are money strapped and as a result, there will not be as much decadent treats this year as per usual. For some families like mine, I'd still want to host for Christmas but obviously, there would have to be major adjustments to my budget. But I have the perfect budget friendly dessert. 

You'd be quite surprised what you can do with bread outside making scrumptious sandwiches. Bread can come in handy when making foods that need to be held together. Bread would make breadcrumbs.  

Outside of bread crumbs for meatballs and Bobotie, bread can pudding! Yes, a very remarkable, decadent pudding that is easy to make, and budget friendly.

Most of the Ingredients that will be user in this recipe are already in your pantry. You will only need not more than 8 ingredients. Listen I know this recipe will blow you away. 

What you will need: 

1. 1 white loaf of bread. Preferably not too fresh. 

2. 4 cups full cream milk

3. 1 cup sugar 

4. 5 eggs, beaten

5. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

6. 1 teaspoon cinnamon.

7. Raisins(optional) 


1. Spread some butter or margarine on the bread. 

2. Cut the bread how you desire. Whether in squares or just cut up

3. Sprinkle a hand full of raisins, if using. 

4. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs, milk , sugar And cinnamon.

5. Pour mixture over the bread until well soaked.

6. Baked in a preheated stove for 45 minutes. 

7. You can have this with some ultramel custard, some fresh whipped cream or ice cream..

8. Enjoy! 

Content created and supplied by: MasegoMoshodi (via Opera News )



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