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Money cake ideas| loved ones will appreciate real/edable money cakes on their special days.

Money cakes are the most popular cakes, they can either be edible or real. It is up to you if you want to gift someone money or cake. Edible money cakes are made from sugar and coloring, they are designed at the top of a frosted cake. They are astonishingly realistic and too good to be true to the human eye. They look like printed money copies, but they are moist and edible when you taste.

If you're looking for cake ideas you're at the right stop, who doesn't like the money? Every person of every age will enjoy cutting a slice out of a realistic "money" cake. Plus if you order their favorite flavor that will make a 2 in 1 combo of their favorite things, isn't that amazing?

Cakes are the best way of celebration, not only on birthdays but other events too like graduation ceremonies+. At a celebration, everyone looks forward to the cake cutting ceremony, as we have normalized that cakes are a must amidst celebrations. Now, what if someone gifted you real money as a cake? Would that not be the coolest thing ever? Well, a party without a real cake is not complete so you can get both, a random real cake and the money cake as a gift.

Real money cake is rolled in circles and placed into a cake shape, you can choose any cake shape. You can DIY or get professional service for good results. Monetary gifts are a superb idea, no one will resist money because they'll get whatever they want with it.

Are you going the edible way or the real money way?

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