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Is It Illegal To Consume Alcohol? The bible facts about liquor must be known by every Christian

In Genesis 9:20-26, Noah starts to drink wine and becomes intoxicated for the first time in the Bible. He plants a vine and starts to drink wine. Noah rebuked his son Ham for being naked because he was inebriated and didn't cover up.

When Noah's kid ate too much, he was punished in the end.

For a lot longer, one of the most contentious issues has indeed been whether Christians should drink alcohol. There's a reasonable explanation for this. People of faith disagree over whether or not drinking alcohol appears to be all for God's will. Some Christians believe that the Bible does not forbid Christians from practicing their faith.

Wine that makes humans happy is mentioned in Psalm 104:15.

Why is it immoral if God gives us a gift that makes our lives better? Freshwater drinkers are bad for their tummies, but those who drink a small quantity of alcohol are good for their belly.

According to this text, wine is a liquid that is beneficial to your health.

Alcohol is only forbidden in the Bible if it is drank in excess.

Consuming so much booze that it compromises the safety of others should be against the law. Drinking alcohol can cause a range of health problems, according to the Bible. Drunkenness can lead to serious health and financial problems, according to the Bible.


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