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He Thought He Was Served Fried Chickens, See What Happened After He Tasted It.

It's both amazing and terrible to see how diverse restaurants are pursuing creativity these days. Because creativity appears to be an element of professionalism, we are expected to be professional in our work, but in a clever and authentic way rather than in a fake way.

Today, a man tweeted something that I find amusing, professional, and revolting. When he went to a restaurant, he was given a platter of food. He was intrigued by the fried chicken on his dish and decided to try it, but he was taken aback when he did.

Fried cabbage, not fried chicken, was what he tasted. This amused me, however I believe that such behavior in restaurants should be prohibited.

It happened to me once, and I thought it was both amusing and incorrect. Have you ever come across something like this before? Please leave your remarks in the space below. Did you find it amusing, appropriate, or incorrect?

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