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"First time baking magwinya but I tried my best." See people's reactions to what the lady posted.

A lady caused a stir after posting her fatcake creation. Fatcakes or commonly known as Magwinya is a South African favorite food. It is cheap while being delicious and filling. Making mangwinya may a simple task from some people while it can end up a disaster for others. It is the right color, shape ,perfectly cooked inside white crispy on the others or burnt, strangely shaped and doughy on the inside. Check out how the lady took on making her first batch of fatcakes down below.

While some thought it was a nice first try, others were left in stiches looking at how the fatcakes turned out. People had a lot to say, see some of their comments down below.

Here is a link to a recipe do get you started on making some delicious fatcakes maybe better than the ones the lady made down below

What do you think of this creation? Comment down below.


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