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Tops Sends Some Bad News To All The Savanaah Drinkers (read this)

Although South African alcohol consumers has forever been blessed with over 100 alcohol brands to choose from whenever they feel like quenching they thirst with some cold beers, If you should look around many alcohol consuming sites, The Savannah cider appears to be the one which most of them choose in number I mean it even had trends you remember that? If you don't let me remind you right away

Well it seems like this thing of running for trends with Savannah ciders will somehow give to pause a bit now because rumors has it that they are now out of stock, According to my source : manager who is managing a certain branch of Tops has confirmed that there is not enough Savannah stock for the to buy at this point in time, He even went as far as giving this notice

So now with things being this way a lot of South Africans has expressed thier mixed emotions regarding this situation on social media, Refer to the pics attached below to see what people said about the shortage of alcohol.

So now that the alcohol shortage has decided to hit mzansi now just when we are 2 months away from Christmas what is it that you have to say about this whole situation?, Do you think that this is a blessing in disguise parents will then spend on the kids clothes and other important and essential stuff? What is that you as an individual have to say? Bear in mind that it being out of stock might have a negative impact on the jobs of those who manufactures it and also delivers it to all liquor outlets countrywide.

Please do let us know your view on this whole situation of shortage of the Savannah cider by leaving a comment below


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