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Alcohol Lovers In Shock As This Beverages Wont Be Available In Retail Shops From This Day | See Why


Source: Savanna supply runs dry, so you can't drink it

It has now been months since the country has been facing problems about alcohol being sold to the public. This is because during the start of the pandemic the country was heavily forced to close down all pubs and taverns.

This was one of the ways where the country could do to prevent the unpredictable increase of the coronavirus. Even though to some people it was painful and hard to admire their favorite drinks banned to the public as it was proven that the virus can easily spread through sharing of one bottle as normally alcohol lovers do when they are happy.

Alcohol lovers are now in shock as they discover that one of these beverages won't be accessible starting from the first of 1st November of which counting from now is only 22 days left. This was unexpected news to the alcohol traders based in Tembisa they complained about Twitter yesterday that he had ordered to receive six crates of Savannah and instead he received four. This caused a big stir on Twitter as to whether the country has started with the no entry no vaccine process where it will only be accessible by vaccinated people.

This will be a huge blunder to the alcohol lovers and the economy as this is one of the drink items that contribute to the economy. This can be said that the government might be using this strategy to open up the minds of unvaccinated South Africans to use this opportunity to get vaccine jabs before is too late.

Even though this is one of their best strategies to win this battle but they have to work harder on securing this process to work because if it doesn't work on their behalf of those who refuse to be vaccinated as lives will still be happy drinking the alcohol in peace.

What is your intake on this and why?

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