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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Must Know How To Cook Or Else He Is Going Back To His Father's House - Lady Says

African custom is that the female child should learn to cook and become well-versed in kitchen responsibilities, whereas the male child should work on the farm or other labor-intensive tasks.

According to African tradition, a woman who does not know how to cook is not ready for marriage since she will not be able to delight her husband if she does not learn.

A woman has resorted to Twitter to reveal that her husband must be able to cook, or else he would be forced to live with his father and cook for him. Her statement elicited a variety of responses, with some believing that it is the responsibility of women to prepare meals for their families, while others argued that the tasks may be shared.

Some of the reactions are shown below:

Some of the lady's photographs are included below:

What are your opinions on the statement made by this lady? Do you think it's better for the woman to be in charge of the kitchen or the man? Please leave a comment below.

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