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In Old Times Our Grannies Used To It This(Imifuno) - Opinion

This is what we call Imithiwane & Ibhola the best veg someone need to eat so that she/he can stay healthy.

This was the best veg our granny& grandfather loved to eat and it was the healthy one that makes them very strong, in those day no one was having Ulcer disease, Diabetes cause they were used on Imifuno.

Our blacks should go back to old times and eat Imifuno so that will not be affected with the diseases that killed outside, Diabetes need someone to eat veg to control it and also drink alot of water so that it can be manageable.

Imithiwane & Ibhola( small pumpkin)


Cook imithwane &ibhola with water. Add salt and 2 spoons of cooking oil then when its ready you can eat with your Pap.

Cook with water, add rice, salt then when its ready add 1 cup meal meal stir until its thicky,,, cook for 30 minutes then after you can eat.

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Cook Ibhola Imifuno Imithiwane Ulcer


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