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Baker makes realistic cake that will leave you amazed

For those of us who have a sweet tooth, cakes are one of those guilty pleasures that are hard to resist. Just imagine the rich creamy, extra moist and delectable taste of cakes! It would be unfair to blame someone when usually cakes not only look but also taste good. It's the heart of special occasions and many different celebrations as we're sure that it's one of the few things that best marks big days.

#1 Realistic Lemon Cake

There are many professional cake artists and pastry chefs out there whose dedication to their craft has created many incredible and magical desserts. However, this time we would like to present to you an expert in the field. 23-year-old Luke Vincentini is unlike most confectioners as he doesn't create ordinary, layered cakes. Instead, the artist makes cake designs in the most unexpected shapes such as bags of Doritos, egg boxes, different fruits, cups of coffee and even cell phones.

#2 Egg Carton Cake

3 Doritos Cake

#4 Cup Of Coffee Cake

5 White Claw Cake

7 Cognac Bottle Cake

8 Realistic Strawberry Cake

9 Realistic Vintage Leather Bag

10 Avocado Toast Cake

11 Realistic Edible Art

12 Watermelon Cake

13 Wristwatch And Box Cake

winner cake

Content created and supplied by: KhutsoHealthFitness (via Opera News )

Baker Lemon Cake Luke Vincentini


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