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People Are Going Crazy On Twitter Because Of Woolworths' Wors| It's Price Is Ridiculous

Johann Biermann, the man behind the first tweet on Woolworths' hake wors that started a heated discussion, initially voiced reservations about trying the hake sausage.

Here are some of people's comments on Biermann's tweet about the woolies hake wors:

When Biernmann's post went viral, Woolies got out to him and provided the startled customer a gift card so he could at least "test it out." So it's all good that ends well, right?!

This was a fortunate turn of event for Bienmann.

Lets take a look at the ridiculous price of the hake wors, we can see on the price tag that the sausage actually costs R274, that's a bit too pricey for a 400 g plate of sausage, even a 2 kg of mixed portions doesn't cost that much. I would not advice anyone to buy such expensive sausages more specially now that our economy is not as stable as it used to be because of corona virus.

What do you think about woolworths' new hake wors, is it something you would like to buy or the price is too ridiculous for you? Let us know on the comment section below.

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