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Which One Are You Eating With Pap? Mogodu or Mathumbu?

South African kasi diet is like no other. Some of our favorite meals and delicacies can be considered shocking by countries who have never tried our hearty meals before . The deliciousness of these meals can make one have a difficulty in choosing a meal. The mostly interesting fact about this two dishes is that, both are made of animal intestines, yes you read right. Animal intestines are one of the most consumed meals, mostly in black townships.

Chicken intestines are best fried, onion and proper seasoning can bring out the most memorable taste. Firstly, one needs to clean the intestines by washing them thoroughly. The good thing is that they don't take long to prepare. Fried chicken intestines can produce a very appetizing aroma.

Cow intestine or tripe, famously known as Mogodu amongst South Africans. One of the best selling fast food items in township restaurants. Mogodu needs patience since it takes long to prepare and are best served warm enough. They are also best served as as the main course. Proper washing before cooking is also vital.

Pap is one of South Africa's food staple, a favorite to many families, mostly black. Pap is very easy to prepare. Only a pot of boiling water and a cup of maize meal can compliment those intestines in a very delicious way.

So which one are you going with? Chicken intestines or mogodu?

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