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Check Out This New Way To Cook Pap

Pap is a very traditional food and popular food in South Africa. Many people prefer to cook it in a particular way but people are changing and improving the recipe to fit their taste.

Ingredients :

Seasoning ( Spice of your Choice)


Mealie Meal



Mixed veggies ( Your choice)

This video was shared on social media by an individual who cooks their pap like this. Many people had opinions about it but many others also said that it was nice.

In the video the lady boiled her potatoes. Once the potatoes were fully cooked she added her spices. She proceeded to make the mealie-meal and water mixture then added it to the pot.

Once everything was fully combined she let it simmer until it thickens. He then added some butter to soften the pub and give it a nice yellow colour.

A lot of people gave you view stating that this was nice full stop comment down below stating whether you like experimenting with your pap or not.

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Mealie Meal Pap South Africa


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