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16 Ace of blades ordered at Nkoka in just one night by a businessman

There is Definitely no way this is a Salary.. Ace of Spades is Round About R14k ko Konka. So 16of them Is Round About R224000 plus the 10% compulsory Tip. This excludes other things that might have been ordered.. Maybe he is a Business Man Or So. But definitely not a salary.

Hopefully Konka is black owned and hopefully will continue to evolve and grow and also support as many black owned businesses as possible. Konka is said to be owned by Kutlwano Pitso. Konka owner also owns Moja Café located in Orlando East.

mind you own business let people leave their life and spend their money in peace. This doesn't happen only at konka but all over the world in clubs people drink and spend .how does that bother you?learn to support other businesses without being negative.

Don't let what's happening at KONKA worry you, a Pakistan guy was arrested at jozi last month for making and selling expensive bottles to these high class night clubs. These niggas are drinking umqhamo.

Being the owner of Konka must have felt amazing last night. I’d be so excited to check my bank notifications today, fuck around and go buy myself something nice at Diamond walk for my hard work.

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